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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

New Carnivals...of Doom

OK, carnivals aren't scary, unless you have to put them together. There are some awesome one ones running now that I would encourage you to visit.

Everything Finance is running a great, Carnival of Everything...which you would think would really block up the internet, but no...it itsvery well organized! This features my "720 FICO and Beyond" post.

A personal favorite person of mine, BankerGirl is running the Carnival of Banking Stories. While that might sound like it might includes game like "Try to remove the Pen from the Chain" it actually features a bajillion great articles including my "Easy Savings to Your Budget using Cash."

Last, but certainly not least, Brip Blap (which is my favorite names blog EVER!) is running the Carnival of Financial Goals III if you saw parts one and two, you must finish the trilogy! At the end Sam helps Frodo...Sorry that was the Lord of the Rings Trilogy! I always mix those two up! It features my 2008 Goals for the Year!"

On another note, tomorow I will post my 100th post! Time is flying past quickly. I am putting together a fun retrospective, that I hope you will like!

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