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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Sharpening the Saw Follow-Up

My morning post talked about "Sharpening the Saw" from Covey's Book, 7 Habits . I thought about what I said and I needed a good dose of my own medicine and really took the day to sharpen the saw.

I really decided to pretty much take the day today and not blog until the family was pretty done for the night, it wasn't just me that needed to recoup some energy it was all of us.

First thing I did early this morning is to play 9 holes of golf with some friend from work. It has been too cold or rainy for the last 3 months to really play, but today was great. This is a very economical Municipal Course that only costs $11 for 9 holes, which is 1.5 hours at least, not bad. But the owner told us since it was pretty slow and we play there a lot that we could play as much as we wanted for the $11! $11 for 3 hours is even better! On the second 9 I even shot my second best score ever!

Once that was over we decided to make the rest of the day a family day with no TV or video games. And other than my oldest going to the mall for an hour we were all together for the rest of the day. We then decided to use our allowance to get a reasonably priced dinner (tough with 5 people!) and go see a movie.

We had a great time and now although I am physically tired, I feel good mentally. So while I haven't got 1/10th of the stuff done that I wanted to today, I got stuff done that was really important...I sharpened my saw!


Mrs. Micah said...

That sounds great! Hope you're able to get a bit done tonight. I've watched a fair amount of tv, but I was trapped with a quilt I'm repairing...it's too big for me to read and sew at the same time and I don't have any audiobooks to listen to right now... Oh well.

RacerX said...

Yep getting ready for tomorrow. A bit sore from the Golf, but thats OK..its the good kind of sore!

Took a whacking on the Blog traffic though...Wild!

Sharon said...

Where do you live that you can play golf in February??? I'm so jealous! It sounds like you had a great day, though and it's always worth it to do things as a family!

RacerX said...

I'm in Southern Oregon. It was 60 degress yesterday, which after hitting a few was pretty nice! Great day all in all!

Thanks for commenting, and for your recent success!

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