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Thursday, February 7, 2008

100th Post Spectacular

This is the 100th Post for the site. Kind of a milestone for me since I really didn't have a plan to start. I enjoy writing and I always enjoyed personal finance as well, though you wouldn't know it from mine!

At 100 posts averaging 350 words per (and I think I am higher) post, what does that word count equate too. Interested I looked it up on Fiction Factor and here is what is said for 35,000 words:

Novella 20,000 - 50,000 words. - Although most print publishers will balk at printing a novel this short, this is almost perfect for the electronic publishing market length. The online audience doesn't always have the time or the patience to sit through a 100,000 word novel. Alternatively, this is an acceptable length for a short work of non-fiction.

Cool huh? ..."this is almost perfect for the electronic publishing market"...Hey that's me!...an acceptable length for a short work of non-fiction...Me too!

Given that if this was a TV show they would do some sort of retrospective I thought it would be fun to pick my 5 favorite posts over the last 100 and give a line or two of background on them. I always wonder what influenced someone to write something, maybe you do to. Without further ado:

  1. "Personal Finance by Michael Scott of the Office" - This is by far my number one read piece, probably because it got picked up by msn-money. I love The Office, both versions as it was a super UK BBC series first that I started watching on BBC America. This episode introduced the phrase to our house of "Things that no one needs, like back-up magic sets."

  2. "The 861 Tax Argument Brought to You By Wesley Snipes" - I wrote this as my second daily post because I was looking up something else and ran across the Snipes story. Fascinated I hit up Wikipedia and looked up the tax argument. This was huge for two weeks with search for me...weird. The ones I think will really run don't, and then this takes off! A side note: He did get off of the Felony charges and was only convicted of three misdemeanors.

  3. "Top Personal Finance Necessities" - I think while not earth shattering was probably a favorite of mine because it gave me a chance to show my entire philosophy, at least for those starting out. Never got a comment! You never know what's gonna resonate...

  4. "180 Degrees in less than 180 Days" - Great Idea from Simplicity in Kansas (which is an amazing blog BTW). I like it because it gave me warm and fuzzies writing it thinking about how far we've come.

  5. "We Saved 33% on our Grocery Bill" - Good solid advice on saving money on a big budget item. Wish I wrote that well more often!

Based on that I have learned posting the first 100 articles, I hope the they continue to be of service, or even lighten you day a bit! Budgeting doesn't have to be hard or painful or a prison sentence! It, with active money management and a good Success Map can lead you to reaching your goals! Can't wait to bring you another 100!

And to the 2,000 guests that have visited, and the next 2,000 to come - THANK YOU!


CatherineL said...

Congratulations on reaching another milestone. But, you could write a novel. Publishers prefer shorter novels from first time writers - don't ask me why!

So the average first time novel is usually around 70,000 words. You're halfway there!

Maybe more people prefer shorter books and they would be less likely to read something longer by an unknown.

Green Panda said...

Congratulations! I admit I love the Michael Scott post as my favorite. :D I love the show and it was a well written post. Keep up the writing and I'll keep reading.

Fiscal Musings said...

I remember when I hit 100 posts. Pretty exciting. Of course you'll probably soon eclipse me with the posting frequency you got going on here.

Keep it up.

Sharon said...

Congrats on your 100th post! I'm enjoying catching up, and I look forward to reading your post on saving money on groceries!

Ian Denny said...

Well done indeed. Something worth celebrating!

You are right. There are lots of people who product great blog posts consistently who are put off writing a book because it's such a huge chore.

But here you are! Come to think of it, alot of us are!

So let's all get writing books!

Love "The Office". Not seen the US version so will have to check it out.

RacerX said...

@Cath L - Thanks Catherine! The word count was surprising to me, and since I have wanted to write a book, but didn't know if I could do it, it was kind of a cool comparison.

@Panda - Thanks Panda! Really glad you enjoyed the post. Keep reading!

@Fiscal - Thanks for your support. I hope to keep up the quality too!

@Sharon - You are very kind, I have enjoyed your comments and appreciate you visiting.

To all - Thank you all for reading and supporting the blog...can't thank you all enough!

RacerX said...

@Ian - Thank you as well! Love your blog as it gives great advise!

Thanks again!

Mrs. Micah said...

Happy 100th post! :)

Congrats on your novella...I have to say, that gives one food for thought about what 6 months of blogging add up to.

RacerX said...

Thanks Mrs M! It is neat to think about what can be accomplished in bite sized chunks. It has been fun!

Anonymous said...

Time flies when your having fun...
Congrats :-)

RacerX said...

Thanks Dawn it has been interesting! Looking forward to the next 100!

wealthy_1 said...

Congratulations on your 100th post!

Continued success!

RacerX said...

Thank you very much!

I really appreciate you visitng and commenting!

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