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Monday, February 4, 2008

Book Tag...

Our Ace Pal Dawn from Iowa Hippie Chick has tagged us with a book meme..This fun game seems fun, so here it goes.

The rules are:

  • Pick up the nearest book of at least a 123 pages.

  • Open the book to page 123.

  • Find the 5th sentence.

  • Post the next 3 sentences.

  • Tag 5 more people.

Now unfortunately, I am at the office lunching at the desk and have scant books that would have any redeeming value, unless you wanted me to quote ad review rates vs spend, CPM and other such nonsense...So I could pretend not have seen the challenge or use what I do have in my briefcase...The December 2007 issue of Money Magazine!!

"Meg chose pediatrics. "I love working with kids. The really sick ones. You can help them and make a difference to their families."

Good for you Meg!

My tags (and I am trying to avoid the previously tagged) are:

Thanks Dawn, as I was stumbling for a good topic for the afternoon version!


Fiscal Musings said...

Interesting couple of sentences. Pretty random stuff.

RacerX said...

Actually a pretty good article about young doctors and the debt that they have coming out of Med school. Tie that with HMO payment ceiling and enormous paperwork, it almost doesn't make sense to be a GP anymore. You need to be a specialist to make any money.

Thanks for visiting! I should have tagged you, doh!

wealthy_1 said...

Good thing you cleared that up. I was going to ask you if that was an ad in the magazine.

RacerX said...

I actually broke the rules...I sed four sentances, cause 3 sounded really creapy!

Thanks so much for commenting!

Sharon said...

This is a very funny exercise...I have no books around me at the present time, but I think I'll try it when I get a chance!

RacerX said...

Ok then Sharon. I am using my unofficial 6th tag to tag you!

You are a writer by trade...should be interesting!

Thanks for visiting!

The Bright Side said...

I am so bad. I totally missed this tag. I'm behind on all my blog readings. Sorry.

RacerX said...

No problemo...just glad to have you visiting! You and your blog are a favorite, as you know by how much I bug you on it!

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