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Monday, February 11, 2008

Great new Carnivals for the Week!

Must be the bitter cold here today that make it feel good to write about some great Carnivals that are happening around ye olde Blogsphere.

First up The 38th Carnival of Debt Management is rockin' over at Credit Card Lowdown. There are featuring our recent post on "Be Treated like a Credit Card Superstar!". They have brought together a collection of posts to really help you pare down your debt!

Next Up My Dollar Plan is running the Valentine Edition of the Carnival of Personal Finance. The tie-in is great and they make our heart fuller by reading! :) This one features our "Learning Finance from the "Smartest Guys in the Room." This discusses lessons that can be learned from the Enron scandal.

Last but not least - Don't Mess with Taxes (what a great name BTW!) - is running a great Tax Carnival

Lots of reading to get caught up on if I ever get through my work!


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