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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

When Even the Rich Runaway...

Even the working rich are worried according to Forbes. "Housing has imploded, the market's a yo-yo, recession's in the air. And the 'working rich' are learning to do without." This according to Russ Alan Prince, president of a private wealth-research firm and author of the book The Middle-Class Millionaire.

Princes research points out that 78% of the Working Rich, identified as those with $1MM-$10MM in Net Worth and still working for a living, consider themselves "very or extremely concerned about their ability to maintain their current financial position." Furthermore he believes 21% of them are already reducing spending.

Compared to the first half of 2007, the last six months saw a 20% drop in Luxury spending. According to a source in the report, "Luxury consumers have never expressed such a dismal view of their financial status." This is a compounding issue for the economy as the Working Rich are known networkers. In other words they talk to one another before purchasing, which if sentiment is down can lead to a vicious circle of reduced spending. The spending is transitioning into higher perceived value items, felt to be less frivolous.

This is a big indicator the economy is in trouble as this group has been a leading indicator of things to come. Great time to make sure that your debt, budgeting and money management is firmly in place!

BTW - Broke Grad Student is running the current Carnival of Personal Finance with a great spin on the topic! Take a look!

The spending is a mixed bag of information though. Hi tech gagets continue to sell well, but Jewelry is down. Luxury car are stable, but sports cars are slowing.


CatherineL said...

When the rich cut down on spending, it's definitely time to begin worrying, because they're rich for a reason.

RacerX said...

Exactly Catherine!

Thanks for visiting!

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