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Saturday, February 2, 2008

Carnivals and The Wall Street Journal

There are some really great Carnivals going on out there today, It is making me forget it is Cold outside today!

KCLau.com is running a fantastic Money Tips Carnival. It also features our Top Personal Finance Necessities post. Check it our tons of great articles to help you save money and increase wealth!

Mabel and Harry are running a super Carnival of Leadership Development and were kind enough to include our Performance Review Time post in the mix. I truly believe that working towards growing your career is one of the most important drivers of wealth. Just a 1% difference per year can mean an additional $40K per year during a 30 year career...and that is only that year!

A really exciting thing happened last night...Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Money's post about Microsoft Buying Yahoo was listed in the Wall Street Journal Blog! It was just a line listing in the "Blog Post about this Topic" section...But Hey! it still counts in my book!


Anonymous said...

RacerX is turning into a ROCKSTAR with the Wall Street Journal Blog mention...
Way to go dude!!!

RacerX said...

Wish I could say I planned it, but like the msnMoneyI found out about it from watching my stats!

Thanks though!

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