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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Our First of Four Winners...

At 10PM PST last night used Random.org to give me a number to determine the winner of The FruitfulTime TaskManager Software.

The software selected Shuchong, a RSS reader who is soon to be Law Student! Shuchong is the author of But WHY Doesn't it Grow on Trees Blog which is a great look into the mind of a really bright person at that next stage of life. It is a new blog, but given the great writing sytle, one that will surely become a favorite. I really applaud the goal of the blog as well, which is trying to graduate from Law School, without owing any more debt they they do now! I encourage you all to take a look!

Here is what Shuchong had to say, "Thanks again! I've really been enjoying your posts, especially as I anticipate making debt snowballs of my own in a few years time. "

Congratulations Shuchong!

Remember there are three more chances to win the contest, next week at the same time I will pick the next winner, Just register for my Email RSS Feed, or stay registered! I look forward to picking your name next!


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