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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The Power of Financial Perseverance

Last night was a big night in American politics and growing up in a family that enjoys politics (you call it arguing) I was mesmerized. In watching, my two hobbies started to merge in my mind a bit and I thought about how important perseverance is to life and your finances.

Each one of the four remaining Candidates to be President has a "first," something where earlier in our history it would of held them back. McCain, would be the oldest person to take the seat first term at 71 and was a POW in Vietnam for five and a half years; Romney, would be the first member of the LDS Church to be President; Obama, would be the first bi-racial President; Clinton would be the first Woman.

They have all overcome tremendous odds to be in the position that they are in whether you like any of the candidates or not, they all have a lesson to teach. But to me nothing illustrates this better than this list of things that Abraham Lincoln overcame to be President:

  • 1832 - Lost Job Defeated for State Legislature
  • 1833 - Business Failed
  • 1835 - Sweetheart Dies
  • 1838 - Defeated for Speaker in Illinois House
  • 1843 - Defeated Running for Congress
  • 1848 - Lost Re-nomination
  • 1849 - Rejected for Land Officer
  • 1854 - Defeated for Senate
  • 1856 - Defeated for Nomination as Vice President
  • 1858 - Defeated again for US Senate
  • 1860 - Elected President!

If any one of those happened to any of us, many would make a pretty good case to fold up tent and go home and quit.

Finances are the same way. If you don't persevere you cannot succeed. Very few people get born into the DNA lottery. You have to take create your own luck. You can do it but it takes planning, determination, and perseverance. It will not happen overnight, it will mean Baby Steps and following your Success Map daily.

However, If you will grasp the reins of those horses, you can do anything!


Money Blue Book said...

For some reason my dad used to always use Lincoln as a life lesson example to demonstrate the importance of persistence when I was growing up. It's just sort of funny to read that here.

Fiscal Musings said...

I love reading about Lincoln. There's so much you can learn from him.

RacerX said...

@Money - First of...Welcome! It is funny how we grasp the importance of some of the things that we were taught, many years later!

@ Fiscal - Pretty amazing guy, who sadly probably could'nt get elected today due to TV!

Thank youboth for visiting and Commenting!

CatherineL said...

Great post Racer - Lincoln is an inspiration to us all isn't he. He is solid prove that if you're determined - you can do it.

RacerX said...

@Cath - Thanks. Yep great things come from perseverance. You are a great example of that too!

Father Sez said...

Lincoln is about the best example of perseverance.

Linked this to getting our finances into shape is a great idea for self motivation.

RacerX said...

Thanks Father Sez. I appreciate the complement!

Thanks for reading!

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