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Monday, December 31, 2007

Our Top 10 2008 Financial Goals...

OK, time to put it on the line with our Top 10 2008 Financial Goals. Over the course of the year I will provide updates on how we are doing and hopefully knocking these off of the list!

  1. Pay Off State Farm CC - $2836.22 - We only have two CC's left to pay off, but they are both good sized with horrible Interest Rates. This is our current #1 snowball debt and we are overpaying the minimum. I hope to pay this off when my bonus comes.
  2. Pay Off Car - $4594.87 - We were overpaying on this loan until we began following snowball payoff plan. This would be really nice to retire this year as it is a $350/mth payment...on a Taurus...doh!!!
  3. Pay Off CitiBank Platinum CC - $8989.16 - Our oldest CC. When we got into trouble though they jacked the rate. High $ + High Rate + High Suck factor! I am going to work the Rate down and if my bonus will pay off the first two debts, our snowball may be able to kill this one too!
  4. Pay Off all CC debt - This would be accomplished with the above and not charging anything at all! We would still have our Lines of Credit to pay off, but they are at interest rates 66% lower! This would be a big boon to our FICO scores as well.
  5. Save 100% for 2008 Property Taxes - $5000 - Don't want to borrow to pay on this one this year. Already saving for it. Hope my neighbor isn't "helpful " again. May fund part with bonus...can you see I am really counting on a good bonus :)
  6. Keep Snowball 100% Intact - If we pay off the above debt our snowball amount shouldn't change, but it is easy to justify other uses when minimums are much less...Must protect Snowball!!!
  7. No CC use - We will use Debit card were we have to, but it's Cash and Direct Electronic Payment where possible.
  8. Increase Average FICO Score to 720 - Current: 692.7 over three bureaus - Need to refinance house in 2009. ARM will end with bang otherwise. As soon as I can afford to , want to move to fixed loan. I will sleep much better. 720 is the basement for the best loans, really want 750...one step at a time!
  9. Stick to Cash Budget System - This has been key to not letting us go over budget. However, it is a pain. Our society IS trying to be cashless so they make you go inside to pay for gas, cannot use the self-checkout at the grocery store, etc..
  10. Net Worth Increased by $20,000 - This would be a great move and poise us well for 2009.

Our stretch goal for the year - This would be to get to a break even Net Worth. This would be a tough goal given were we are, but if we stick to budget and work our plan we may be able to do it.

Thanks to all for your support in 2007 to reach our goals in budgeting and money management. We can't wait to mark some of these goals off as well!


Mrs. Micah said...

Wow. You're not, er, setting high goals now are you? ;)

Sounds like you've got a lot of plans and I hope they all work out great! :)

RacerX said...

Thanks Mrs M!

A lot is riding on my bonus. It can be up to 33% of my pay. This company tracks a lot ...differently then my old one making it tough to see where it will end up!

If it comes in right, these are do-able, regardless I would like to get these to happen this year!

Hope for the Best, Prepare for the Worst!

Kansas Simplicity said...

These are goals for 2008 and myself and other bloggers will be encouraging you long distance to cheer you and your family to success! Removing debt enables so much flexibility in ones life as well as control and removing the shackles that most Americans have in their life. Good luck, keep focused, ignore the hard times and criticisms and achieve your goals.

RacerX said...

Thank you so much for the encouragement. You are a great example of someone working a plan and achieving amazing goals.

Thanks so much for reading!

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