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Friday, February 8, 2008

KISS me Wealthy!

I think it was Sleeping Beauty where the all the poor Girl needed was a kiss, from Prince (not the Prince...nor Morris Day and/or the Time, that's another story). I am pretty sure it was because her family forgets to invite the crabby next door neighbor to a party.

Well a KISS can help secure something in life, wealth. But the one I am referring to is the acronym: Keep It Simply Stupid!

You can over-complicate budgeting and money management to the point where you literally cannot succeed. The first budget I did after our middle-one was born had 373 line items! I had a line item for...gum!

What this really meant though was I had 373 potential failure points and only 1 (meet budget) success metric. Now here is the balance:

Failure Points - Exceed budget

Success metrics - Each of my Top 10 goals, (10 success metrics); Meet my snowball target, pay all of my bills, etc..

I think you get the point. These are very easy to understand success points that allow for creativity to achieve the goals. On top of that, the chances for success well outnumber the chances for failure. Success breeds success. Appreciate your successes and embrace them and you will have more.

In relation to finances, embracing KISS will make it easier to do the things you need to do to build a strong financial future. Budget, Saving, Paying off debt, Planning for retirement and Building a wealth portfolio real isn't that hard. It just takes making 100 right decisions a day.

If you are going to be successful you have to make the correct decisions...not every time, just more of the time. You can do it, Just Keep It Simple Silly (I don't think you are stupid!)


CatherineL said...

Hi RacerX - I love that pic with the giraffes.

You are so right about keeping it simple. And that should apply to the whole of your life, not just finances.

Fiscal Musings said...

I never like to over-complicate things, and that's why I don't even keep a budget at all. As long as my giving, saving, and investing are the first things taken out of every paycheck, I'm sure to keep my expenses in line.

RacerX said...

@Catherine - Oh the power of Google! that was one o the first pics that came up under "First Kiss."

@Fiscal - It is a fine bond between disipline and structure. You are a very organized, disiplined person, so that would work for you. Me...not so much. I need the help :) It really is about what works for you.

You are both right that is really important to KISS everything in life, it is the simple pleasures in life that we will miss the most!

Thank you for reading and commenting!

Ian Denny said...

I wasted 63.762% of my life worrying about absolute perfection.

The remaining 36% days up until today were spent trying to simplify stuff.

I've spent 0.238% of my life in a simple world. And it's great.

You get so much more stuff done and achieved, in a far shorter time, by simplifhying things.

Why do we have to wait until we're almost 40 to discover this!

RacerX said...


I say this to my Duaghter (15):

At 20 I was a genius
At 30 I was very Bright
Nearing 40...I am a moron :)

The more you know, the more you know you don't know :)

UK Millionaire Dating said...

Very interesting post, you are so right..!

We all learn by our mistakes. I can imagine everyone wishes they did NOT sign up for that catalog, credit card, loan or large mortgage. But we all want things to fast these days and we don't think about how much it will cost to pay back in the long term.

There are thousands of money saving tips here:


RacerX said...

Welcome...and thanks for visiting!

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