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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Personal Finance QuickTake: AOL

While the Microsoft Battle rages on it seems like thinks are a bit quite on the AOL front. Give no doubt that Microsoft and Google will go tit for tat if needed.

My guess is that if it looks like Microsoft will get Yahoo, my gut is that someone makes a play on AOL. AOL has been a drain on TimeWarner's stock since the merger. They keep trying new business plan but don't have the traction.

However, they do have traffic. AOL is still the #45 web site in terms of reach according to alexa.com. But more importantly it has two thing Google wants; a great content brand name and a very popular email source. Imaging the Gmail/AOL market share...Nice!

If Google does go for it, perhaps NewsCorp will. They have done a wonderful job monetizing mySpace (regardless of what you feel about the looks). AOL would be a great content pick up and Murdoch doesn't want to be left out either.

So my guess is if TimeWarner was ever gonna sell this off, now is the time. Microsoft put a very high valuation out there for Yahoo, and if AOL can get 2/3 of that multiple they would be in great shape!

For all of our personal finance we might just get another shake up that often lead to more innovation and lower prices, which is great for all of us!


Fiscal Musings said...

I could definitely see something like this happening. I wouldn't want Google to get it though. I'm a little bit of a Google hater at the moment.

RacerX said...

I can understand why...still feel unfair to tag someone, hurt their livelyhood, and not explain it.

They need to protect advertisers, but go after the account dummy builders too!

I love Google, but we are all better served with a strong #2!

Thanks for visiting!

CatherineL said...

Well that would be interesting. Whoever takes over AOL - I hope they improve the email spam filters.

I would also like to see a bit of competition among the search engines.

RacerX said...

I hope it would be helpful or AdSense and Adcenter. Frankly this is why Microsoft is buying Yaho, to get a big chunk of that advertising !

Thanks for commenting!

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