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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Five Great Ways to Sharpen the Saw

I am a fan of Steven Covey's "7 Habits" Book. All of the tips are really helpful to see you become more effective.

For me though, if you really want to make some movement in your finances, budgeting or life in general, one step more than others gets ignored. And it is a perfect Saturday topic...#7 is "Sharpen the Saw."

This comes from a story about a lumber jack that is sawing harder and harder and just not making the same progress as before. When someone asks if he has sharpened his saw, he says he doesn't have time, he needs to saw.

I am really notorious for doing this...getting so myopic that I am only focused on the trees, not the forest. I need to remind myself that a well-timed break can actually save time sometimes! I this spirit I offer Five Great Ways to Sharpen the Saw up and get you back to top form in no time.

Saw Sharpeners:

  1. Exercise - I know, half of you jumped to number two, but it is true. Not only is it good for you, but it can take your mind off your troubles, even if it is 30 minutes on a elliptical or walking around the neighborhood.
  2. Hobbies - I can tell a real difference in what I am getting done now vs when our little Monday and Friday Golf game was going on. I am not the only one, my wife said just last week, when am I going again. Luckily this one gives me a little of number one as well.
  3. Take a class - On something 100% not related to work! Non-credited if needed. Like to cook, take a once a week French cooking class at the local Community College. Learn auto repair. You'll actually save yourself money in the future!
  4. Meditate - Oh now I've lost you :) It does need to be in an ashram in the mountains, just sit in a hot bath-tub and clear your mind...you too guys. The ladies have it right, a hot bath can really relax you. Let your problems float away.
  5. Read - This is something other than the sports page, or the grocery coupons. Actually go to the library! There are great people who work there (like Mrs. Micah) who are there to help open your mind. So I don't go ing a rut of reading the same thing, I will ask the librarian, what's cool, what are people talking about? I also like Biographies as it gives you real world example of people that have gone through either similar issues or even worse and come through.

In a 24/7/365 world we need to break every once in awhile, except from this blog, read it everyday :) Seriously though just clearing away a little of the mind clutter will really take you much further, much faster, whether it is life, budgeting or managing your money!


Kansas Simplicity said...

Like this post and agree with the exercise point of the post as well as continual education. It all improves one balance sheet in life to make a difference. I am sure you and family are having a solid month again on the your snowball efforts!! Take Care - From the Frozen Kansas Tundra of 10 degrees..Simplicity in Kansas

Mrs. Micah said...

Well, I'd do my best to help you. :) Or direct you to others who could.

One thing I've been doing today is remembering to take 4 or 5 deep breaths. More if possible, but 4 or 5 is good to start. I've done it maybe 10 times. Feels very good. Helps me focus the craziness.

RacerX said...

@Kansas- Thanks for the kind words. Things are looking good for the month to be on goal. I grew up in those midwest winters, and wow are they rough. Probably why the midwesterner is such sturdy stock!

@MrsM- Exactly why people should visit libraries more.I go through fits and starts and everytime I go back, its like...duh, This is great! The breathing thing is great advice.

Thank you both for being great contributors! It is really appreciated!

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