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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Best of the Week, in Review...

Great Week out there in PFLand. Congress got their act together. Yahoo said, "Thanks, but no thanks!" and we hit some milestones here!

First off I would like to name my Top 5 favorite posts this week:

  • Banker Girl - She ran a neat post about how to "Negotiate Anything with these Four Tips" Great practical experience on how to apprach a subject that many aren't comfortable doing. She runs such a great blog. I really wish I was as together as she is already in her life and with her finances. Always a must-read!
  • Dawn from Iowa Hippie Chick - She wrote a great piece on her two dogs which showed the cost of caring for a pet, but also the benefits! Dawn is one of my favorites. Her writing style is so personal, that you feel like you are having some tea and having a good talk!
  • Madame X at My Open Wallet- She has been running a neat series about NYC stories. People who are making it in the big city. The latest is Rachelle. It gives you hope that those just starting out might really be in better shape then us!
  • SVB at The Digerati Life- A great piece about being aware of computer viruses on products out of China. Never even though about it, but it makes to much sense! Great advice from one of the biggest and Best PF Blogs out there.
  • Simplicity in Kansas - A truly wonderful piece about the Depression from him interviewing his Mother. Wow is all I can say..>

Now for my favorite post over this last week, from this blog by an author that needs no introduction...well...me! :)


  • We hit over 7000 page views
  • Over 2300 visitors
  • Over 100 posts!
  • Over 25 RSS readers - This is a great FREE Feature. Get all of the articles delivered right to you, either via a reader or e-mail. Just click HERE!

That's it. There are some really great articles out there to help budgeting, money management and your finances!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the nice thoughts Racerx, they are truly appreciated!
I admired Abe Lincoln when I was in elementary school, SO MUCH. Every time I could, he was my subject choice for writing papers. You're so right, he was no quitter! I believe you have the perseverance to achieve your goals, just as Abe Lincoln did!
God Bless...

RacerX said...

Thanks Dawn! Very kind indeed!

Heidi at BankerGirl said...

Thanks for the mention! Sometimes I think that I should have been a lawyer. I love to negotiate and argue (playing the devil's advocate is one of my favorite things).

You make be blush with your praise - I really appreciate the kind words!

RacerX said...

Really well deserved Heidi! You've really been on a roll?

Thanks for visiting!

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