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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Giving Away $50 Software and Best of the Week

Great week all around for the blog we had our biggest single week ever with Traffic, began our first RSS Signup contest, had more comments then ever, AND read some truly great posts out there this week.

First on the RSS signup contest, there were some questions emailed to me. The contest will run for the next four weeks. On each Saturday night during the contest I will run a list randomizer to pick a winner from my Email RSS list. Unfortunately there is no way for me to pull the regular RSS list as well, so if you are a standard RSS reader, just sign up for the email version to enter yourself in the contest! Second there is NO cost to enter, just sign-up! And last NO you don't need to enter every week, just once and you are in for every drawing. So enter early, to be entered into all of them!

Next it is time for my Best of the Web:

  • ShoeMoney - A great Post/Video this morning. A Rap about SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Great starter course in the shape of a Rap tune...pretty original, and catchy!
  • Collecting My Cash - This post shows really well that good people are hard to find, but you better do whatever you can to keep your Great people, which Wealthy! is...of course!
  • Catherine Lawson - A Total favorite blog (and person!) had a neat article talking about Bands blogs. Being a musician at heart, if not at practice, this had great points for all bloggers!
  • Ian Denny/ Phoenix From the Ashes - Every time I read his blog it feels like I am reading the beginning chapter about a future king of the business world! This lesson is about Cash Flow. It is written in the Business Sense but it plays the same for all of us.
  • John Chow - John is one of the most successful bloggers out there. In this post he explains why you should set up your business separate from yourself.

The Most Popular Blog Article of the week according to Feedburner:


  • Over 8000 Page Views
  • Over 2800 Visitors (more than 500 over the week!)
  • 120 posts!
  • First RSS Contest!

That's it. There are some really links to check out to help budgeting, money management and your finances!


Ian Denny said...


Thanks for the mention - duly subscribed

Ian, Phoenix from the ashes

RacerX said...

More than well deserved. You really have a great insight to running your own business!

Thanks for visiting and signing up! Good Luck!

CatherineL said...

Hi - thanks for linking to my post. Your stats are improving everyday, which is great news.

I'm already signed up to your RSS feed.

RacerX said...

Thanks Catherine...and Good luck!

wealthy_1 said...

Thanks for the shout out!

RacerX said...

No Problem! Very well deserved.

Thanks for commenting!

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