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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Our First Winner and Best of the Week

Exciting photo finish as I had some more sign up for my RSS Feed rigt before 10PM PST, the time for the first drawing. The winner has been notified and I hope to get a quote in time for my mid-day post!

For everyone else there are three more chances and you are already entered! If you are already signed up, you are entered for all of the contests as long as you are a subscriber at that time! If you didn't sign-up yet still great chance to win! Sign up NOW!!!

The blog had a great week as week added a bunch of RSS and regular readers, we were quoted in a blog on msn Moneyblog and there were some great posts out there that I want to make sure you get to see!

Best of the Web:

  • Mrs Micah - She had a great post about people scrapping her site. This is where sites use code to use your posts as their own, She even included a great form letter!
  • ShoeMoney - A great piece about Ringtone scams, greedy News companies and one of the funniest clips EVER about Spam! Do not watch it while drinking Milk as it will come out of your nose!
  • My Dollar Plan - Did an amazing job pulling together a cool list of the most popular Personal Finance Blogs by their RSS numbers. We aren't there...yet! But a great "To Read" list.
  • Paid it Down and Moving Forward - Sharon does such a great job, she wrote a post that really hit the reason I don't like Dentists...
  • Birthday's!!! - Both Need to be out of Debt and Plonkee are celebrating First Blog Birthdays. Congratulations, and Thanks for all of the great insight!

Our Most Popular Post of the Week:


  • Second time on msn MoneyBlog! (Officially beat to death, I know!)
  • Biggest Individual day ever at 90 visitors (Inching towards the 100 mark!)
  • Over 9000 Page Views
  • Over 3300 Visitors!
  • Our First Poll Showed that Classical and 60's Music are your favorite to work on you finances by! Thanks for voting!

That's the week that was. There are some great links to check out to help budgeting, money management and your finances!


wealthy_1 said...

Congratulations, racerx! Work your blog!!!! Double congrats on the MSN thing. I happened to see it!

Continued success!

RacerX said...

How neat! Thank you very much for the kind words!

...and very much for commenting!

Sharon said...

(This is the second comment to this post, not sure what happened to the first, you may have gotten it...and if so, delete this one!)
First, Congratulations on a successful week! MSN Moneyblog is awesome! I'm assuming the more people who visit your site, the more $$$$ you make?

I appreciate your kind words, typing out the dentist post was therapy for me...so much trauma...I see the endodontist tomorrow, and I probably will blog about it...stay tuned...:)

Congrats again!

RacerX said...

Thanks Sharon - I don't get paid by the person. There are ads on the pages though.

I am definitely not doing ths for the money (although I will humbly accept it!) I just like writing and really like that some people enjoy what I write!

Sorry that you had to go thrugh pain for your post though!

Thanks so much for the very kind words!

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