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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Money Featured on msn's Smart Spending

Last night Karen Datko over at msn's moneyBlog picked up our story, "College the Poor Kids Way." She wrote a great story about the piece and today traffic is amazing! (At least for me!)

Thanks so much Karen!

Sphere picked up our story about the impending Fed Rate cuts from yesterday's Personal Finance QuickTake: Another Rate Cut Coming!

Thank you Sphere!

Last, But definitely not least; Reuters picked up "Tax Carnival #30" that we were involved in

And one P.S to Add...Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Money just got PageRank as well! It is just PR2 to start, but hey, gotta start somewhere and it looks like today is going to be a record day!


Sharon said...

Good for you! Congrats!!

RacerX said...

Thanks Sharon! You've been a big supporter and it is very much appreciated!

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