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Friday, January 4, 2008

New Carnivals Featuring Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Money

For me it is a real honor when someone recognizes your work and includes your submission in a Financial Carnival. It really means a lot to me personally, and to the blog as well, because everyone likes to be heard!

Being Frugal is a favorite blog of mine and right now it is running a Carnival about 2008 Financial Goals. They have included my 2008 Top 10 Goals in their listing and it is always really interesting for me to see what others are working on as well.

Dividends4Life is running their weekly Carnival of favorite posts as well and was kind enough to include us. They picked our article on "Very Wealth People's Characteristics", which has seemed to be a favorite of my recent posts.

In other quick news; Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Money just passed two important milestones (at least to me). We just had our 500th visitor and 2000th page view! I know a lot of Blog get that in a day, but for someone who though no one would ever find us, it is a pleasant shock!

I can't thank everyone enough for visiting and commenting and cross linking the way you have. It is very much appreciated...


CatherineL said...

Congratulations - that is great news. I'm really enjoying your blog.

RacerX said...

Thanks so much CathL! I am happy to have found your's as well! It's on my Good Karma Link List.

Thank you for reading!

Dividends4Life said...

RacerX: Thanks so much for the mention and the link.

Best Wishes,

RacerX said...

Not at all. Thank you for featuring my article. I am a fan of your so to be included was very appreciated!

Thank you for reading!

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