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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Personal Finance QuickTake: World's Cheapest Car

Today Tata Motors of India announced that they had developed the World's Cheapest (my word not theirs!) car. This is a real-life functioning car for $2500 for the base model.

The car is missing some of the finer things in life like: radio, A/C, Right-side mirror and only has one wiper blade. It also has 2-Cylinder, 33-HP engine, but has a top speed of 60MPH.

Now this car will probably not pass US safety laws at this price, but still I could see a US version for $4000. This really reminds me of the Yugo back in the 80's that was going to take over the world since they were so cheap, but never caught on here in a mass way. They just weren't of enough quality.

Tata is no Yugo though, they are the largest car builder in India and currently the leading bidder to take over Jaguar and Land Rover from Ford. With the SMART car from Mercedes also coming to the US, along with $3 per gallon gas, it may just be the beginning of a new era of tiny cars...


Mrs. Micah said...

Hmm....the top speed might be an impediment to my buying it. I don't drive over 60 mph much but I do when I go home.

Well, we don't need a new car anyway and maybe they'll enhance it by the time we decide to get one.

RacerX said...

They say that five can fit in it too...Don't think so.

I could see a lot of College student driving it though. It would be better then a moped to get toclass.

Thanks for Commenting!

CatherineL said...

At last - a car small enough that even I could park it.

I wouldn't feel safe driving it on the Motorway though.

Thanks for switching from comment pop ups - it makes life much easier.

RacerX said...

I wonder if it is smaller than the SMART car. That is finally coming to the states and my Daughter loves it. I agree through, wouldn't be to keen to be on the Interstate in one of them...too many trucks!

On the coment section, i believe that this is your section. It needs to work for the customers. I am limited since it is on Blogger to do all of Mrs M's great tips, but I can try my best.

Thanks very much for being a frequent commentor!

Anonymous said...

Well it needs air bags, both side mirrors, and an additional wiper blade. Other than that, it's perfect (!). The 60 mph limit makes good economic sense too (globally and personally).

RacerX said...

I actually think it makes more sense then a scooter, which a lot of people get around in.

The gas savings would really be there as well.

Thanks for reading!

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