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Thursday, January 3, 2008

$1,000,000 and Paris Hilton Shows Up...

LAX Nightclub in Los Angeles paid Paris Hilton $750,000 to show up to their club and party on New Years Eve. The article didn't say how much it paid for her to leave afterward...:)

I actually understand why the Club did it. From a marketing budget perspective it actually makes sense. A hot club has a one to two year lifecycle. You have to get the high paying players in and away from last years "hot" spot. The power of referential selling lives!

This wasn't the only club doing this either. All over LA, Vegas and New York clubs lined up all the "B" talent they could: Ex-American Idol-ers, Ex-MTV VJs and various Reality show winners/rejects.

So I don't blame the club, and if I was the "personality" I would take the money (and so would you). So who is to blame?...consumers. In this case those consumers who believe that their self-worth is tied to where the can get in and where can they can be seen. Often these are 20-somethings that can ill-afford the lifestyle, but thats OK, "Life Takes Visa (r)!"

I am going to let you all in on a secret most marketers won't tell you...You really don't need most of this...merchandise. There is a reason all of these companies spend millions to advertise, cause you spend billions buying what they sell!

"Do I really need this" should be your mantra each and every time you grab that Credit Card. I bet if you ask yourself this, 50%+ (or more) of the time you will say you don't. In order to be successful in Budgeting and Money Management you have to really be able to compartmentalize Needs, Wants and Desires.

Once we do that we free ourselves from our debt chains and really begin living.

That being said I am available next New Years Eve to open your club, for just $28,800 ;) ...


CatherineL said...

That is a serious amount of cash. But as you say - young people who really can't afford it will be paying to cover the costs of Paris opening the club.

The same thing happens in magazines. The magazines get freebies to plug products used by the stars and convince young women that they desperately need them.

The people who can actually afford the expensive clothing, handbags etc, get them for free in return for publicity. And young people who are already maxed out on their credit cards foot the bill.

RacerX said...

Before living here I lived in Salt Lake, and every year during Sundance these "free" stores would open to give youngstars and starlets the latest and hottest new products for free.

We also contributed to the Grammy Gift Bag one year as well.

Those who can afford it, get it for free so the people who can't will pay for it!

Thanks so much for reading!

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