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Friday, January 25, 2008

Personal Finance QuickTake: Hold the Rebate Check!

Don't cash those rebate checks yet! Apparently the Senate doesn't want to just stamp "OK" and go.

The Senate version of the bill isn't written yet, but thy would like to see some other things added in, such as heating oil subsidies, Food Stamp increases, etc..

Once we go down that road then it can go only one way, everyone has a pet project area, and will try to lump it in. Not that the ideas aren't goo, just that if they want to get this passed and active they need to pass what they have now and not get into Congressional Hearing to discuss whats in and whats out. Because even if they do get it resolved, then the House has to re-debate all of this...

This is a major blunder if it happens, especially in an election year. It would be like taking away a present. If you never mentioned the present it won't be missed; given it super-CNN and Fox coverage for a week and people expect the money.

No one wants to be the one to kill this, and either party that does will get a major backlash. It is unbelievable that it ever got to this point without having the Senate on board.

Will the grandstanding end?...Will we get our checks? Will I get to pay off my next debt with it?...Stay Tuned...

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Mrs. Micah said...

"It would be like taking away a present."

I agree. I'm doing my best not to get excited or even plan on it yet. I won't even budget on it until it arrives.

RacerX said...


we never know how these things are going to run their course. I have already talked to people who are planning trips ,etc...Scary!

Thanks for commenting!

wealthy_1 said...

Our tax dollars hard at work!

RacerX said...

Eactly, by the time these get out it could be too late to help...although I will still take mine!

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