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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Weekly Top 5 Personal Finance Articles

Sunday already! Busy week for me as I had to catch up from recent business travel. Lots of great things were floating in the Blogsphere about personal finance, budgeting and money management.

Here are my Top 5 Articles of the Week:

Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Liberty News:

  • Reached 20 Subscribers! Thank you! It is so easy to sign-up and for me, since I read a lot of blogs, it really is the best way to sign up. Just click on the rotating headline!
  • Reached 1500+ Visitors! Thanks Again for reading it is very much appreciated!
  • Reached 5000+ Page Views!
  • I am really liking BlogRush... I have had over 15,000 widget views for my brand and about 30% of my posts reaching "Hot" status. Sign-up to today if you want more traffic...Just click on the bottom of my Widget! You get bonus view credits while you are building your blog and I get credits for signing you up!

Happy Personal Finance, Budgeting and Money Management reading!


Dividends4Life said...

Thanks for the mention and the link.

Best Wishes,

Mrs. Micah said...

Congrats on meeting those benchmarks! :) BlogRush can be pretty fun sometimes. Of course, it's a place where post titles really matter.

CatherineL said...

Thank you so much. I loved your tips post too.

And it's nice to hear that somebody is doing well with Blogrush. Well done.

RacerX said...

@D4L - No problem, Great week for you!

@Mrs M - Thanks... Blog Rush is all about titles, but the ability to get your Blog tens of thousands of impressions for free is pretty cool.

@CathL - No problem that list was amazing...you must of worn out a keyboard or two.

Here is two tips on BlogRush...It IS all about the title.

Try to stay at 32 chars or less, second it has to peak interest.

Here is a Great tool to check your titles

Try it...it works!

lynnae @ being frugal.net said...

Congratulations on reaching those milestones! And I wish you much more success as your blog continues to grow!

RacerX said...


Thank you so much for your kind comment. Your blog is a great inspiration!

Thanks for reading!

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