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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Personal Finance QuickTake: Property Tax Cut?...

I thought I could start a new feature on my Blog that I will call: Personal Finance QuickTake. I have seen others call attention to news stories from around the web that tie to their key topic. In my case, personal finance and managing money.

For this first one it seems that many state and local government have been relying on property taxes more and more in order to fill their coffers. Given the booming paper price on some houses this has led to a quick ratcheting in rates around the country. Some have seen their taxes double or triple. Now it seem that even the government is feeling the pinch.

For homeowners, property taxes can be a real hit to your budget and manging your money!

Here is an article on Yahoo that explains more and lets you know what you may expect in the coming year...


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