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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Personal Finance QuickTake: Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Money Update

Gonna take one day off of our Personal Finance:QuikTake feature because today is a special day. Yesterday was the first month Anniversary of this Blog! It really has been amazing. To be able to share tips on Personal Finance, Money Management, Debt reduction and random acts of silliness has really help me focus on our finances and be more accountable.

There is so much great information out there and what started off as being curious about Blogging has turned out to be my new favorite hobby. It has been fun to tweak the look and feel of the site and to try and see if those tweaks translate to more visitors.

We have also achieved some mile stones over the last 90 days that I am proud of:

  • 1000+ visits - I know some of your get this in a day, but I never though that many folks would come!
  • Nearly 4000 page views - Wow!
  • This is the 60th post! - Time has flown by!
  • Great Comments - More Please! Thanks to CathL, Mrs M and Heidi (aka Bankergirl) for being the top commentators!
  • Featured in many great Carnivals - This really has brought a lot of traffic, especially Plonkee's Current one and Mrs. M's recent Carnivals
  • Featured on MSNMoney - The Micheal Scott piece has receive the most views so far of any piece, but the piece on your career is close!
  • Great Blogs I didn't know about - "Good Karma list" started with 3 and now at 25 and growing fast!
  • Supportive people - People have been very kind by giving the blog a chance to find it's voice and
  • Starting to learn about AdSense and Affiliate Sales - It is really cool to see what works and what doesn't!

For anyone starting out I would say the following:

  • Stick with it. Good content will attract readers
  • Get good tools to help you - Blogger and Wordpress are great for the beginner! I got my site up in an afternoon
  • Sign-up for Blog Rush - They are great about exposing your blog to a lot of people, and their bonus program help out new blog get extra exposure! IF you click on the tab on the widget on my blog you can sign up right away and, unlike other "traffic" helpers., it is free. If you sign-up through my widget I get extra bonus credits as well, and you will if other sign up on yours.
  • Don't make a MFA (Made For AdSense Site) - Those Internet "deals" are scams and Google is cracking down. if you are doing this for big money, a part-time job will earn you more. You have to enjoy it. Not saying you can't eventually make some money, but it takes time and effort, no get rich quick here!
  • Read about being an effective Blogger - ShoeMoney is a favorite. He gives you real facts, doesn't try to sell you anything and has great real-life tips.

Top 10 Traffic Buddy's for first 1000 visits!! - A Huge Thanks to them!!!

  1. Mrs Micah
  2. The Digerati Life
  3. We're In Debt
  4. Plonkee
  5. Bankergirl
  6. My Open Wallet - (First PF blog I ever read!)
  7. Get Rich Slowly
  8. Being Frugal
  9. The Brightside of Debt
  10. Collecting My Cash

Writing about helping people with finances, money and debt has helped my very much. I hope you have enjoyed some of the articles. If so please sign-up for my RSS feed, I try to update a couple times a day so it makes it easier to keep up! also if you enjoy the site and have your own blog please feel free to add me to your blog role too!

All the Best,



Catherine Lawson said...

Congratulations on your progress and thanks for the mention. I'm really enjoying reading your posts.

And the tips and advice you've provided for new bloggers is great.

RacerX said...

Thanks Catherine. You've been a big part of the reason. I really appreciate that you get so many conversations started with you comments!

Please keep coming back!

Ian Denny said...

It's fantastic start. And with that many views so soon, you're doing great!

Taken me since June last year to get c.3,000 visits.

Cath is an inspiration. And I must admit her recent innovation of commentluv on her posts drew me here.

Before, a name didn't incite any curiosity, so your blog titles are doing the trick.

Cath makes a great point today about blogging on hers.

So its great to see someone following some down-to-earth basic human etiquette on thanking the stars who contribute.

Live long and prosper!

Mrs. Micah said...

Congrats! :) You're off to an excellent start.

I totally agree about not using the made for Adsense sites. Not worth it...it's better to find ways to incorporate ads with your own stuff.

RacerX said...

@ Ian - Thanks very much. One of the big joys in creating the blog was finding new ones (to me anyway) like yours! - Thanks for continuing to Read!

@Mrs M! - You are my top site for traffic and a top commentator! I really can't thank you enough. On top of it the way you run your blog is a great example of the right way to do it! Thanks for the encouragement!

Heidi at BankerGirl said...

Congratulations! Isn't it fun to watch your readership grow?!

You're off to a wonderful start. I look forward to seeing what the future brings for "Life..."

RacerX said...

Thanks Heidi! You have been a great supporter and I can't thank you enough!

Anonymous said...

You've grown on me racerx...
I've added you to my blogroll and congrats on your milestones.
Blessings in 2008...

RacerX said...

Wow Dawn Thank you!

I have added you as well, but I really appreciate you reading!

Very Kind indeed!

Madame X said...

Congratulations and keep up the good work! (Love your sexy photo too...)

RacerX said...

Thanks so much! Your Blog was an inspiration, but now that I know you like my sexy pic...you are are my number 1 inspiration :)

Blogger said...

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