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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Star Wars Economy: The Empire Falls

My son and I recently watched all six Star Wars movies together over a few days. It is really great when you share something you really enjoy. But something hit me while watching...The Empire only lasted about 30 years.


Was it that Vader threw The Emperor down the shaft of the 2nd Death Star? Was it the loss of so many men on the two Moon sized battle stations. I think not. I believe, like the Soviet Union the Galactic Empire fell apart due to dramatic overspending and a collapsed economy.

NASA's budget in 2007 was $16.8 Billion dollars and they can barely get the Shuttle to blast off. Even with using slave Ewok labor you still have materials and overhead, not to mention a massive military buildup and budget deficit! It would take a budget in the quintillions! The Emperor was just too focused on wiping out the rebels.

People think that he removed the Galactic Senate just because he didn't want to ask their permission to crush the Rebels. I believe that it had much more to due with the funding bills that they wouldn't pass.

Imagine the debate on the Senate floor when a Second Death Star came up to be appropriated. I am sure it was in the "Really Black Ops" budget, but some one had to ask the question, "If these are so strong...why do we need two?" Then the Emperor would have to explain that in the first design, they ran out of time and forgot to weld over a small hatch...oh, about the size of a womp rat. Probably no biggie, but just in case...

That was probably the straw that broke the dewback. The Senates got to go.
So let this be a lesson to you; Watch your budget and be careful with your spending or Vader will toss you overboard!


CatherineL said...

Well, it would certainly be interesting to see them being tossed overboard.

When he's finished with them, maybe he can come over to the UK and toss a few of our wasteful politicians too.

RacerX said...

It would make the elections more interesting...If you didn't win..."toss"

They would try harder!

Thanks for reading!

Ian Denny said...

...and here's me thinking that the force (dark or good (?) side) didn't recognise pecuniary barriers to its mission.

Luke never once got offered a pay rise (or anything as far as I can remember) bar a very vague reward.

I should have realised that they edit out the real boring bits like budget and pay.

By the way - cool post - love the way Cath Lawson's site show the blog title of the commenter. It really helps you get site of blogs that you could really get to like!

RacerX said...

Poor Luke...He did it to meet a Princess and then found out it was his sister!

He did get that free trip to Dagabah though!

Like CathL's comment area too, especially the Last post part. To my knowledge Blogger can't do it though. If someone hears of a widget though I would do it!

Thanks for reading!

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