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Friday, January 18, 2008

I Am Getting Too Old For This...Personal Finance

In all of those buddy cop films of the 1980's there was always a young "I can't Play by the Rules"cop and a "6 Hours from Retirement" Cop. At some point in the movie, the older cop would say..."I am getting too old for this..."

I am starting to finally start to understand the older cop! (Don't say why!) He has a perspective that what he might do won't matter to the world, I just want to retire and relax.

This trip, and traveling as a whole is a drain, and in a trade show, and it is even a bigger life suck :) But what is funny is none of it used to bug me. We'd work all day, stay up all night, and be up the next day raring to go! Now...not so much. It really reinforces something: You won't always make what you do now, or have the health to do what you can now, so enjoy it, but make sure you are worrying about tomorrow too.

That poor cop always has a boat or something that he has been saving for and working on for 10 years...and then the bad guys blow it up! Have your boat ready when you are ready to retire, whatever it is!


Mrs. Micah said...

My parents are moving into that too (well, they're in their 60s, so it's about time). Like my dad used to stay up all night and now he takes sleeping pills to be sure he's asleep by 11 for a full night's rest. My mom has her Latin classes--both studying and teaching. It's like a boat, not too much work but an engaging project.

What's your boat going to be?

(Mine will probably be writing or quilting or both)

CatherineL said...

I know what you mean - I seem to say it a lot lately myself. I often wonder how these 80 year olds manage when I feel so knackered in my 30's.

And I do think the police don't get paid enough for what they do - aside from the corrupt ones of course. And in your country they seem to get shot at all the time - which is worse still.

Not really thought about what my boat is going to be, or even about retiring. A house by the sea would be nice - or a lake even.

RacerX said...

@Mrs M - Great Question...I may steal that for an article later! "What color is your boat!" Me...nice beach house lots of freinds, and owning my company. Love my job, but thats the next step. Love to write as well, and I promise to buy your book!

@CathL - It is probably that I just don't travel as much so I am not as prepped as before. Used to travel 100k+ miles a year, now half that and I am a whiner!

Thank you both for being my best commentors, you really help enliven the posts!

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