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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Moving Day! Savings Day!

Today (actually it started Friday) was moving day into my new office. They rearranged the common area next to my group and basically tossed us out of our homes. But this is already working better. It seems like I should be able to save time and save money.

The new area has the cubes arranged better so there is a common shared table area for everyone to use. We are also a bit more tucked into a corner so it is a bit quieter.

However my I do need to clean up and organize the new office. I just didn't realize I was such a pack rat! Here are some of the things I found:

  • About 20 semi-used legal pads - Why do I always use 2/3 of one, lose it and then do the same thing again and again
  • 2 packs of pens - Which is great because these are the Bic gel Grip pens and the company won't order them any more...probably cause I lost so many!
  • $5 - Stuffed into the back of my old desk - Yeah!
  • 20 -2" binders- This was on the bottom shelf of my suitcase, my group doesn't use these as we need the type with the clear view front
  • About 400 packets of ketchup - From when I used to eat out for lunch.
  • About 400 Napkins - From the same...I always take extra napkins, this was drilled into me as a kid. I don't think Mom ever bought napkins...
  • Two full Garbage can of...junk

Once it is cleaned up I can bring in my little fridge that I have had for years and stock it with drinks. It is such a waste to go to the vending machines. Not eating out any more for lunch saved the biggest chunk of my "allowance' this will save me even more as I can load up at Costco on the weekends pretty cheap.

It can't be just me though; have you ever found something cool, or weird cleaning up your desk that you forgot about, or even your home?


CatherineL said...

What a hoarder. What did you intend to do with all those napkins?

I must confess that I am guilty of having several partly used notepads, which is probably why I can never find my notes.

RacerX said...

I was going to build a paper napkin house... :)

I am a notorious spiller and I would pick up a couple extra...just in case. Well just in case over a year...

I think the notepad think is a epidemic at most offices.

Thanks for reading!

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