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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Disney Trip Observations

This is were I spent a lot of my youth in Omaha, Peony Park near 72nd and Dodge. Think As small as you could be and still be a theme park. The best part was this swimming are, a big giant faux-beach right in the middle of Omaha!

Unfortunately it is gone now. Couldn't keep up with cheap flights to fancier places.

I am sitting in my room at the Disney Californian at the end of a crazy day at our trade show. I fly home tomorrow (yeah), but I thought that I would share some things I observed:

  1. Who would ever get Disney bucks??? - They are worth the same as regular money, they are non-refundable, and really they are a pain-in-the butt for the parks and you. If I want a picture of Goofy on the $1000 Bill, I will make my own in photo-shop.
  2. I get the way over-priced shirts and collectibles - But some of them are huge! The Hannah Montana Rehab Clinic would be bigger then my luggage!
  3. Beware the great looking lobby - This hotel is nice, no question. But you check in and see the lobby and think you are staying at the Ritz, and they are priced the same! The rooms are functional, but nothing to write home about.

Put it this way for the money I would stay somewhere else, even one of the other Disney Hotels. But the biggest point...Non of them have a "Sandy Beach" like Peony Park!

Back to regular posts on Monday!


Mrs. Micah said...

Disney bucks...don't you realize they're priceless? :) I could see if you could sell them back but maybe they're worried about counterfeiting...

CatherineL said...

Hi - agree with you totally on Disney Dollars. They used to give them as change when you turned your stroller in and if you forget to spend them, they're not much use in the real world.

I haven't been to the Disneyland before - only Disney World, but I've seen pics of the Grand Californian and expected it to be great.

I'll remember this post when I eventually get to visit California.

Hope you still managed to have a good time.

RacerX said...

@Mrs M - I think you are right about the counterfeiting issue, but I would thinks since the parks take them you could get them and copy them anyway...Not that I recommend that!

@CathL - I don't want the Disney police to say I was unfair, it was nice, but it wasn't $400 a night nice...

Trade Shows in general are a drag, outside of seeing old friends.

Feet still hurt!

Thanks for commenting...Glad to be home!

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