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Monday, January 21, 2008

Personal Finance QuickTake: Britney

I guess I would be smiling too..Portfolio.com just did an interesting review, in a back of the napkin sort of way, of Ms Spears personal finances.

According to court documents she has amassed a $125 Million fortune. On top of that she pulls in over $700,000 per month, or $8.4 Million per year. This means, without ever touching the principle, and only making 5% on it, combined with her income, she pulls in $14.65 Million potentionally a year.

It would be hard to spend all of that, each and every year, and I hope for her kids sake she doesn't.

The truth is I really feel bad for her, whether she created the storm in which she sits or not. To lose your children, marriage health (and hopefully not more) and have it all over the media would be tough on anyone, regardless of her resources; she is obviously unhappy. At that age I, and most others at that age, went through a lot, and luckily cameras didn't follow me around all the time to try and get me messing up on the web 15 minutes later.

This post really came due to my daughter who was a big fan. Her comment is a great lesson to all of us in a journey to be debt free and manage our money...Money doesn't buy happiness.


Mrs. Micah said...

Well I certainly wouldn't want to be her, money or not. I don't know if I feel sorry specifically for her, but I do feel bad for people who have such apparently rough lives...

CatherineL said...

I knew she was rich - but I didn't realise exactly how rich.

It is her parents that i would really like to slap. They pushed her into all this when she was very young. Then they speak out against her as a parent in public - which is the ultimate betrayal.

They sound like v bad parents. I just read on another forum that her sister - who is only 16, as been living with some boy for a year, and now she is pregant.

RacerX said...

@Mrs M - I feel sorry for anyone in that mental state. Whether she brought it on her self or not. Doesn't mean that she doesn't have the responsibility to get herself the help she needs though!

@CathL - I agree. So many of these young kids are really left to there own devices.

Someone once told me that people who get famous, tend to stay the same mental age from then on. I can't imagine if I had that money at that age.

All that being said. on a sorry scale i feel much worse for an abused Mom trying to make something of their life, Way more than Britney, but it seems some actually revel in peoples downfalls...

Thanks for commenting!

Ian Denny said...

I think missing your childhood by becoming successful so young doesn't help.

So much growing up is missed as you enter an unreal world.

RacerX said...

So much has to do with the parents. Think of Ron Howard and Kurt Russell. Both young child stars. But great parents.

It always seems to become issues when they become the "manager"

Thnaks for commenting!

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