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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Man Sells Life on eBay...

In bidding over the weekend a man sold his life on eBay.

No, he isn't now a slave to some non-descript Middle-Eastern Shiek or a Circus in a state where the family trees have no branches. Nope he sold all of his stuff, including access to friends and his current job. After a bitter divorse he is now going to pack it all up and move somewhere else and start over.

This raises some interesting thoughts:

  1. Who would buy your life? - You think yours sucks, and yet someone thinks you are worth a six-figure buyout.
  2. What if you paid all that money and found you were just as miserable? - This is the "grass is always greener" issue. It may just be you and not your life!
  3. When will we see Life-bay (or LBay, once it catched on)? - Just another $40k and I can be suburbanite Tech worker with three kids!!!
This sounds like a whacky 1990's movie starring Scott Baio...Or maybe a show on the CW Network.

That being said, my life is up there now, bidding starts at $7.35. I've decided to bid on being a Cowboy :)


Fiscal Musings said...

I read about this story as well and found it really odd.

RacerX said...

Hey Fiscal!

Fairly scary on both sides...To want to sell it all off, and o want to buy it!

Like a Philip K Dick novel

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