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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Best Week Ever; Pt XII

Well this is now the 4th time I have written the same post. I use "Blogger in Draft" to schedule out my posts so that they are hot and fresh for you in the morning, right out of the oven!

Well, the oven keeps burning the toast (tell I can't cook yet?). Regardless this had been a gooweek for the blog as I just completed my second week back, traffic is coming back and people are commenting again (THANK YOU ALL BTW!)

That being said here are some great posts from other blogs to read as well as a special extra:
  • Mrs Micah - A great post about not replacing until it has to be done. And to be frank, when you are using two elastics from underwear to attach the laptop screen...it may be time!
  • Paid it Down - Sharon has started her Jar Cash System, I use a similar envelope system and I trully believe it has been the #1 thing that has helped my finances.
  • That Saddity Chic - A touching post regarding how those without a father in their life often feel, somehow tied in a neat way to commercial real estate investing as only she could do!
  • Iowa Hippie Chick - Yeah Dawn is back! If you don't read her blog you are missing out, and we all were for a bit. Beyond a great blog, though, she is trully a great person. Welcome Back!
  • Open Wallet - Winning for best pic in a post this week! A shrt so bad that even Samuel L Jackson is scowling at it!
For Life, Liberty and the Pursuit on Money:
  • Most Affordable Places to Buy a House -  Most popular post of all week, even with the second half being totally silly! The best part of the post are the comments, really interesting to read where people would live if money was no object.
Thanks again for visiting and commenting!


Sharon said...

I am so glad you are back...and thanks for visiting too! :)

RacerX said...

Thanks Sharon!

Looking forward to seeing how the Jars work for you!

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