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Monday, July 7, 2008

The Positive Side of the Internet

I read more and more online about what a dark, damp scary place the internet is, and how it is growing worse. Just looking up how to donate to the poor your computer gets a nasty virus, your bank is depleted and cats live dogs.

Well the internet has been, IMHO, the single largest knowledge change for mankind since the printing press (I'll get some nasty emails now :) ). Penicillin is pretty good too, but I can't use that to buy Gun's and Roses downloads at 11:30pm at night. It is easy to forget, how life was before Al Gore invented the 'net and Electricity and I believe Goats.

5 Racer X's Favorite Things about the Net:
  1. When something tickles my fancy to learn about I can look it up right then! I am a history buff, especially Roman history. I have more at my disposal via Google then most University's had 20 years ago!
  2. Recontact old friends. I have been able to reconnect the some old buddies by them finding me on press releases for the companies I have worked for!
  3. The positive communities. I have learned more and been better supported by those on my blogroll then I have by people I know!
  4. Bank and Commerce is so much easier. I can go right now and check to see if my checks have gone through, whether I have been paid yet. Internet retailing has leveled the playing field. More than ever you have the power, customers are more fiscal than ever...good for them!
  5. Online education - Deeper than just poking around like #1, you can get a quality education through an online school around your schedule! The quality keeps going up as well as major Ivy League schools now let you go through their class materials and lectures!
Sure, anywhere you go, bad things can happen. Just protect yourself and explore, we are living in a wonderful time :)

...I think it may be the 3-day weekend getting to me though :) I will probably hate my fellow man again by...Thursday at the latest :)


cath said...

Hey - you're right - we have a lot to be grateful for. The Internet has saved me a fortune on travel and I don't end up staying in dumps anymore, cos I can check out other people's reviews.

RacerX said...

That's a great one Cath. I always change my seat assignment, pick my routes and manage my frequent flier account without eve talking to a travel agent.

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