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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Best of the Week; No Dawson's Creek

It has been a staggeringly busy week as I have four projects all coming to a head, perhaps making my head implode at a date TBD.

That being said, plenty o' great stuff on others sites and given that all is TV today are Dawson's Creek Reruns (on four channels???) it shows me I have no more excuses to not post today! :)

Here are the Best of the Week:

  • Funny About Money - Great story about how a little good will is generated, by just paying attention. More stores should think this way!
  • Iowa Hippie Chick - Dawn discusses where the blame lies with extended debt...probably don't need to go past your bathroom mirror!
  • The Digerati Life - Neat article on becoming a professional blogger! SVB is one of the best, heed the advice!

Favorite Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Money Post:

  • The Office of Doom - Based on the responces, I don't think i am the only one living in Doomsville :)

Well, that's it! Almost end of the month so I am beginning work on my month end report. So far, so good!


Anonymous said...

I'm feeling for you on your busy week!
I know it must be bad -
For a type a personality like you to acknowledge it as "staggeringly" busy!
God Bless You ... I don't know how you guys do it?
Thanks for mentioning my karma post!
(I was feisty when I wrote that one)

You will totally knock those projects out of the ballpark - just hang in there!

RacerX said...

Reason #427 to love Dawn: Thanks so much for the encouragement!

The Digerati Life said...

Awesome! Thanks for the mention :) ! I'm terribly busy this week too. Lots of summer projects going on with my kids... and uh.. the stock market is getting me down somewhat, but we muddle on.... ;)

RacerX said...

No problem at all. You always have great posts, it is hard not to put you on the list every week!

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