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Monday, June 30, 2008

Personal Finance Mountain

There's a bit of freedom knowing no one will probably read this. I have been away for quite a bit. Anyone that read before, thanks for coming back and stumbling across some more ramblings.

Have taken the last few weeks to try and really focus on one thing at a time. Now being back to getting all of my finances in order I noticed something odd...

During the two months off from the blog I didn't fall off the horse. Sure I could have probably done better, but no real catastrophe! It seems the systems I had in place worked. I never used a credit card, minimal use of debit card, and used cash for all of my cash plan items.

My Net Worth Improved about$3500 and I was able not to dip into the Emergency Fund even though we had some car repairs to pay for. I am sure that their are some ninja bills out there, but I feel like even if they come up I'll be prepared.

So the mountain...ah the over-thought metaphor of the night...Personal Finance and reaching your goals really is similar to climbing a mountain. Often you cannot see the top, you'll get discouraged, but if you work your system, even if you fall...it is just to the base camp not all the way down!

Enough about me! How have your personal finance goals been going? We are at the 6-month mark for the year, days getting shorter again. Are you closer or farther away from hitting the next base camp?

All the best in your Journey!


Madame X said...

Glad you're back!

Sharon said...

Glad you did so well. We missed you here in the blogosphere! Hope you stay!

RacerX said...

@ Madame X - Thanks so much! Your's is still the #1 inspiration for me and a slew of others!

@Sharon - Thanks Sharon - I can't believe how your blog has grown! You are doing fantastic! Keep it up.

Thank you both for the encouragement.

Anonymous said...

You're back! Glad everything is ok. :)

RacerX said...

Hi Paradigm!

All is well...just a spot of burnout...trying to self regulate!

Thanks for visiting!

Funny about Money said...

Hot dang! Glad to see you're back!!!

What? Your net worth INCREASED by $3500? You're a genius. A mountaineering athlete! Mine dropped by over 30 grand. (Think Fidelity screwed up; more to report later, I hope.)

If the days are getting shorter, it sher would be nice if they'd do it on the evening end, since I wake up at dawn: somewhat in advance of 5:00 a.m. in these parts.

Welcome back.

RacerX said...

Thanks Funny!!!

You are very kind...probably if I tried to sell my house though it would be splish / splash!

Really great to hear from you

I have to say the best part of writing again, and blogging in general is the community of other bloggers. We all have sympathy for each other!

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