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Friday, July 11, 2008

Most Affordable Places to Buy a House

BusinessWeek just ran a piece discussing the most affordable Global Real Estate. Given the run-up here in Southern Oregon, even after the crash, I say, lets take a look at their Top 10...Then I'll make pithy comments :)

  1. Bogata, Columbia (Shown Above)
  2. Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt
  3. Charlottetown PEI, Canada
  4. Granada, Nicaragua
  5. Panama City, Panama
  6. St. John's Newfoundland, Canada
  7. Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
  8. Manama-Muharraq, Bahrain
  9. Aruba, Aruba
  10. Suzhou, China
I am pretty sure the author was Canadian as they have 3 of the top 10! Every Canadian friend of mine (ok I have two!) tell me the, while not as bad as the US, Real Estate prices and currency changes are making it more expensive to buy property then ever before, OK they are in their 30's so they mean in the last 10 years.

I expected China and Columbia on the list. As nice as they are not the first place to move that pops into my head of somewhere I want to move to (at least those two cities), but maybe I just underestimate them. I also see two cities on the list that we "liberated" so maybe the Army made BW put them on the list....We'll know for sure next year in Baghdad is on the list.

Here are mine that are probably real affordable right now:
  1. Baghdad, Iraq - Sure no power, but nicer then it was...a couple months ago
  2. Three-Mile Island, Middletown, Pennsylvania - Lots of land available
  3. Atlantis, Atlantic Ocean - A Little damp, but awesome technology
  4. Santa's Villiage, North Pole - Hurry it is melting...
  5. Chernobyl, Russia - Buy the whole city cheap

Given the choices (although Aruba sounds nice) I guess I'll stay here for now. Money no object, man of leasure time? I am off to somewhere in the Caribbean, and if I get sick for a white christmas, I'll visit :) Given that Santa's workshop is gone be underwater soon, I'll keep a room for St Nick ready too!

How about you? Money no object, where would you live?


Anonymous said...

If money were no object ... it would have to be Australia. Just something really appealing about that country!!!

RacerX said...

That's cause your a good shiela mate!

(Said with a horrible sounding fake Aussie accesnt!)

Sharon said...

Wow, somewhere in the U.S., but warm, not hot, and with all four seasons, no traffic, beautiful mountains, a large lake. Money, no object, of course. I would like to visit foreign places, but I'm a homebody for sure.

RacerX said...

Sounds like S.Oregon! :)

A bit hot here today tho.

The homebody thing is me too, thats why I had, but a home instead of travel!

cath said...

Hi Racer - This list is useful for me - as Canada is one of the places I'm thinking of living. I may be able to afford a house after all.

I was surprised to see Aruba on there though.

Frugal Bachelor said...

I never understood how lists like this are made, because Bogota is the most expensive city in Colombia. Maybe it is the only city in the country where you can get a 2,200, 4BR house. It would be more interesting if lists like this talked about a TYPICAL house there, not a Supersized American style house. The prices would be FAR lower.

As for where I'd live, India, China, Colombia, Thailand and Ethiopia are my top 5.

RacerX said...

@Cath - I forgot that you were in the midst of picking a country! All that you listed are great, but if I was still work (It is a fantasy list!) I would probably pick Canada as well. Less of a culture shock and very comfortable feeling everytime I am there.

To be fair I have not been to Austrailia or New Zealand which a group of my friends really love.

@ Frugal - Darn good point! HEck skip these cities, imagine trying to find a house that size in London??? We do forget here that we tend to have "Super-Sized" Houses

That Saddity Chic said...

I'd move to Monte Carlo, Monaco. I loved it when I visited last year. No taxes and everyone I came across was more than lovely. Sigh...maybe one day :)

Glad to have you blogging again. I missed reading your posts!

Anonymous said...

Real estate in Saskatoon Canada has gone up about 50% in the past year or so, and has gone up about 12% in St. John's Canada.

RacerX said...

@Saddity - Do you have to play baccarat to get citizenship? :) That area is gorgeous! Good call. Money no object indeed! Thanks for the kind words and visiting, not to mention your blog which is a must read!

RacerX said...

Hey Anon!

Yup, exactly what my friend in BC said, it is geting very expensive especially in the major population areas.

Sucks living in a beautiful country!

Funny about Money said...

LOL! Three-mile Island should be nice and quiet...

I would move to New Zealand in an instant, if they'd have an old bat like me. Unfortunately you have to be fairly young to immigrate.

Failing that, and if money were no object?

Santa Fe, New Mexico
the south of France
Portland, Oregon
Prescott, Arizona

In descending order of desirability.

RacerX said...

Great List Funny!

Didn't know Prescott AZ but Googled it and it looks great!

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