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Friday, July 18, 2008

Wow! Direct TV Sucks!

Wow, I had a horrible experience with Direct TV tonight. And after reading more on the net it seems that it is their modis operandi.

I received my bill for the month today when I returned from work. Given that I was paid today and I am traveling all day I want to get everything paid and ready to go before I leave.

So I open my Direct TV bill and notice that I am being charged for NFL Sunday Ticket. The first of 6 $41.50 charges have been added to my account. Only problem is that I told Direct TV that I would NOT be re-upping the service this year. Given that I am asking all others to trim and live in budget, can't ask any less of myself, so it is no go.

So, no problem it says right on the bill that you can address billing issues one the internet. After getting my Net account all going I go into billing and I CAN change my package type...as long as I am increasing my service...oh no..I know what this means. I am marketing boy.


These fine folks are also called retention. They offer you deals or whatever to stay. Can't blame them as it is expensive to get new customers, try to keep them. But for me, I am not working them, I just wanna move on. I don't want to explain to Trixie that, "No I really do understand that its like Peyton Manning is in my house."

So I gotta call...

So I call the 800 number and can only describe my experience to that of brave Ulysses. First it is the "talk" system that picks the wrong input every time. I mean a random generator would have more luck (I miss the push button #2 days). I have to call back 8 times. As 6 times it finally routes me to the wrong port and drops my call, 1 time I believe I hit a bizarre tech chat line and then finally in cue...for 90 minutes...on hold…with a horrible message every 1-2 minutes.

"Hi this is Peyton Manning, press #2 to order NFL Sunday ticket now!" That mean I heard 45 marketing messages for the thing I am trying to cancel.

I finally get a real person, and you can tell they are being beat. You know, the kind of dog that lowers its head quickly when you go to pet it. Nice kid, but by this time dinner is cold, and I am chapped. I get a very nice explanation about how they will drop it, I review the next payment with him and I hope all is resolved.

Hey, I am a marketing guy, these companies survive by getting you and blocking all of the fire exits...I get it...but all the did is give me the desire to look to replace them!

Oh, yeah, Peyton...Go Cowboys :)-


Anonymous said...

At least you had the knowledge base to combat the frontal attack they were throwing at you ...
This sort of situation is why I try to shy away from those reoccurring monthly expenses. It seems like once they have you in their system, it's hard to ESCAPE!!!

(Don't forget to check out Catherine Lawson's blog today ... she included you in a tribute post)!

RacerX said...

Just remember persistance wins the day!

It is amazing how most people don't look over bill, credit card or other wise. I my travels, probably have found over $10 in extra charges at hotels alone!

I did check out Cath's Post (Thx for the head's up) it is amazing as usual.

Cath Lawson said...

Thanks Racer. That is really bad service. Some of these companies do anything they can to tie you in. They seem to focus on keeping a customer at any cost instead of keeping the customer happy.

I hope they read your post and realise that it isn't smart to treat their customers like this.

RacerX said...

Hey Cath!

It is funny that they will pay $100 to get a new customer and it takes very little to keep them!

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