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Sunday, March 2, 2008

February's Top Traffic Drivers and Commenters!

We are 2/12th through the year already! Before we March into the new month, it is a great time to recognize those that have help my blog the most in February. We saw a bunch of milestones hit and a couple crushed!

First I want to recognize those that sent the most traffic to Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Money in February.

Top Traffic Drivers in February:

  1. ShoeMoney
  2. pfBlogs
  3. John Chow
  4. Iowa Hippie Chick
  5. BankerGirl
  6. Paid it Down and Moving Forward
  7. My Open Wallet
  8. Mrs Micah
  9. My Dollar Plan
  10. The Digerati Life

The traffic drivers are really important, because without them no one would see the blog! However, once they are here it is important the they feel they can jump in and comment. That were the next group come in...The Top Commenters for February! Thanks for starting and joining in the conversations!

Top Commenters For February:

  1. Fiscal Musings
  2. Paid it Down and Moving Forward
  3. Mrs Micah
  4. Catherine Lawson
  5. Iowa Hippie Chick

Thank you all for commenting and hope to see even more in March!

Last, But Definitely not least...

The Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Money MVP (Most Valuable Player) - February:

Iowa Hippie Chick ! Hard to pick just one, but Dawn was incredibly supportive this month (as usual) with both calling us out on her great blog, commenting on this one AND Picking us as one of her Favorites on Technorati! I can't thank you enough Dawn!!!

Can't wait to see your Blog listed here next month!


Sharon said...

It's been my pleasure. :)

Anonymous said...

Your a true pal RacerX - thanks for the kudos! Your an inspiration to me and I hope you have a fabulous March!

Fiscal Musings said...

Thanks for the mention. I know I always have something to say, but maybe I'll eventually make it on the top traffic drivers list...

Mrs. Micah said...

Happy 1/6th of the way through the year! :)

RacerX said...

@Sharon - All mine! thank you!

@Dawn - Very Kind! But you are the inspiration!

@Fiscal - Your comments are key in welcoming others into joining the conversation. On top of writing a must-read blog, you are very kind to comment here as well!

@Mrs Micah -You as well, thank you for all of the support and help.

To all commenters, visitors and linkers!

I can't thank all of you enough for all of the great support.

Thank you all for visiting and commenting! It is very much appreciated.

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