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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Best of the Week that Was!

Happy Easter!

Traveling put a real hamper on my posting this week, but it was still a pretty interesting week. This was a really interesting finance week with the Fed cutting a full point over the week, Bear Stearns going under and Economists trying to get a feel fro where the bottom is gonna be. Add to that stimulus checks getting ready to be sent out, an Early Easter and we have the makings of a wild March!

On to the Best of the Week:

  • My Open Wallet - Madame X is always a great read, but this week she gave us a peak inside her 401K. Great read as she, like most of us is very down at the moment. SOme great advice from her readers.
  • Mrs Micah - A fun article about a recent bout with Stuffitis...Been battling it myself as my zeal is wanning too!
  • BankerGirl - A neat post on changing jobs and what you find out when you do! Review time at our place so it is interesting.
  • Fiscal Musings - For all of you March Madness Fans, Fiscal did a great post tying finacila ideas to sports!
  • Paid it Down - Sharon posted a fun collection of Eater Themed Cartoons...Worth the quick look!

Most Read Post of the Week:

That all for me...Rest of the day hanging with Family and finishing my staff reviews (urgh...).

See ya Monday!


Mrs. Micah said...

Thanks for mentioning it. I hope that your next week will be a lot easier!!

Fiscal Musings said...

Thanks for the mention. Hopefully you'll have a less stressful week going forward.

RacerX said...

No Problem Mrs M and Fiscal...Both great reads!

It was a good kind of crazy! Thanks for visiting and Commenting!

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