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Sunday, March 9, 2008

Best of the Week, Winners and Milestones

Just Picked and Notified our third winner in the RSS Sign-up Contest. Hope to give a link and a quote during the mid-day update. Remember all you have to do is sign-up for the RSS feed HERE or on the main page, verify the email...and that's it! You are entered. If you are already on the list you are entered in to next weeks final drawing as well!

Great week for Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Money as we hit new milestones, increased readership and had great traffic. It was a great week for some of my favorite blogs as well. so without any further ado...

The Best Of the Web for the Week:

  • Brightside of Debt - This one is me trying to rally folk to go there and comment on the linked post! - Brightside is considering stopping her blogg as her Hubby found out about itand she's feeling guilty. I know so many of my readers read her blog. Go to this post and let her know how great her blog is and how you want her to stay!!!
  • Iowa Hippie Chick -This is about her Financial Epiphany, but really it is about much more. One of the best written, most touching posts I have read in a long time. She is a favorite of mine for a reason!
  • Finwikian - This new Personal Finance Wiki (pfWiki) was pulled together by Mrs Micah and could become a great repository for some great collected Finance knowledge!
  • Hustler Money Blog - More then one single post Hustler does an amazing job compiling all of the current Credit card deals. I personally would rather chop them up, but if you are gonna have one, get the best deal!
  • Plonkee - A great post and mini-Carnival that goes into great depth and explanation of Dave Ramsey's Baby' Steps. Great stuff...as usual!

My Most Read Post of the Week:

  • LifeLock = Life Crock? - A look at the successful program. Is is really a good Value? Detective X takes a look! :)

Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Money Milestones:

  • 369 Visitors in one Day! - Biggest day ever by far (Feb 28th), due to msn MoneyBlog story
  • Over 11,500 Page Views
  • Over 4700 Total Visitors
  • Over 50 Subscribers!
  • Achieved PageRank with Google! PR2...bigger and better to come!

Thanks to all for being great supporters! I hope to be worthy!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the mention RacerX - but mostly thanks for highlighting the "Brightside of Debt." I visited her blog - and she is such s good read! I, along with many others, left a comment wishing her to not give up with her writing. That was a terrific thing for you to do - highlighting her dilemma! (Good job)! I hope she keeps going with it, because she has a lot to give through her blog!

RacerX said...

I am glad that many have gone over there and left really great comments encouraging her to stay. She is a favorite and one of the first two pf blogs that I read.

Your piece was pretty darn inspiring as well!

Thanks for visiting!

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