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Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Marathon Wall

I have said in this blog over and over again, "Personal Finance is Marathon not a Sprint." But like a marathon often even the best runner hits a wall.

The wall is where you just tire out. For others it is a loss of concentration. And even others describe it as a system breakdown.

Well...I have hit the wall. I am pretty sure it came from a series of Ninja Bills, that, as they do, jumped out of nowhere for their attack. The first was my computer going down, the second was prepping for my presentation, a bonus issue, a late review and finally the last one was just time...or the lack thereof.

It isn't like I have gone off the rails and started charging things, but I am just tired of thinking about my debt all of the time...it really is at times disheartening. It is a long road.

I know what I have to do...I have to get the train back on the rails and then get it moving. Get back on the horse. This weekend, when I have 10-mins...and not at 1am in the morning! I am gonna get caught up and back on track. I look at my sheet and we have accomplished a lot in the last 120 days that it would be a really shame to turf it.

How about you? Hit a wall in your quest? Did you go through it, around it, or are you there right now as well.


Fiscal Musings said...

I agree that sometimes you just don't want to think about things for a while. But that doesn't mean that we should give up and just start splurging.

I'll find something that's relatively cheap to do, and that's relaxing so I can get my mind off of things. Sometimes a mental break is all we need.

Mrs. Micah said...

The key is finding a way not to think about debt a lot of the time without letting go of your goals and focus. I'm still working on achieving that balance.

It's a little harder when you're blogging, because you read blogs and think of posts.

Sharon said...

Blogging helps keep you on track, but blogging also keeps personal finance on your mind 24/7. I guess balance is the key, steady plodding will get you where you need to go...just look back and see how far you have come...compare your numbers from 6 mos. ago. You'll feel much better! You are doing great!

Anonymous said...

Sometimes it helps to forget the big picture and just focus on something small. When I get overwhelmed, I think only about something immediate, like recording my spending for the day, without thinking about it's larger implications. Then it becomes more like a game.

My other trick is to really savor the moments when I have a great breakthrough with reducing debt, and draw upon those when things aren't so awesome later. I really try to put myself back in that moment and recapture the elation. It helps get me through.

wealthy_1 said...

racerx, you know that one of my mantras is: look how far you've come. Maybe rather than focusing on how far you have to go you should take a moment and celebrate your accomplishments to date.

Keep up the good work and continued success!

RacerX said...

@Fiscal - Not caring isn't the issue right now, but those are great tips. It really is just a load of too much going on.

@Mrs M- Totally true! THe positive/Negative about blogging is that it is a constant reminder of something!

@Sharon- Happy with what we have done, but not satisfied!But we really have made good progress.

@Paradigm-Good points on visualisation. It can be a great help!

@Wealthy-Thanks so much for the kind thoughts!

To all: Thanks again for all of the kind thoughts. it really just has come to an issue of priorities. Just too much going on!

Thanks for the comments and for reading!

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