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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Movies are a Budget Weakness

Summer Movie Season is a hard budget time for me. But I am a movie junkie. Have been since I was a little kid. Every other kid wanted their birthday party at Chucky Cheese or any Pizza place. Not me, I always wanted to go to the movies.

I was lucky to grow up near one of the best movie palaces outside of New York and Los Angeles; Indian Hills in Omaha. Unfortunately, it is gone now but it was one of the few Cinerama theaters outside of a big city. It is where I saw Star Wars for the first time, had my real first date, and the last time I was in Omaha, I took my Mom out to a dinner and a movie as I was now a big time music school attendee and future Rock Star :)

The reason for the nostalgia trip is the Summer movie Season is coming up and I will have to stretch my entertainment budget by cutting other things as much as possible to see all of the ones we want to go to!

Here are a couple No-Brainer way to Save Money if you are a Movie Fan:

  • Matinees - Simple I know but the difference in price can be $3-5 per ticket for a family of five that means at least $10 saved (two are still kid tickets). Sunday afternoon is a great time to see a movie and it seems like most are timed to let you make it right from church :)
  • Wait two weeks - This is a tough one for me as I have the patience or a knat sometimes, but often movies are going to discount theaters quicker as they go to DVD quicker.
  • Don't get nickled and dimed! - Snack bar is the killer. Often costs more than the movie! They will try to up sell you to a uber-jumbo size on all, but it is rare that you will eat a four-bushel barrel of corn! right size...or get the bigger size and share. Get the large w/the refill if you are all going to share.

Three pretty easy ways to save some money so you can go more often!

How about you? Any tips to share? Looking forward to anything cool?


Fiscal Musings said...

We'll typically just rent movies from Redbox; in fact, it's been a while since we've actually gone to the theater. If we were to go though, I know that I can get some vouchers through my work's employee discount plan. Maybe something like that is available to others as well.

RacerX said...

Great point on the company tix. We have a program where people can identify co-workers for going the extra mile.

Redbox is neat too. I have heard about promo codes as well that give you one free.

Thanks for visiting.

Mrs. Micah said...

Somehow I've managed to develop a zen-type attitude towards most movies. I don't have to see them right away because I can always catch up with them. I think it helps to have worked at two libraries in the last few years which have stellar DVD collections (both old and new films).

But at the same time, I can't wait until Tuesday because that's when Enchanted comes out on DVD. :D

Sharon said...

I love to go to the movies, but I carefully choose which ones I think I'm going to like. I indulge in a movie popcorn, but bring my own drinks in my purse. If I bring the kids, we do the same thing with candy from the grocery store. Since I always buy the popcorn, the cinemas don't seem to care. I only go to 2 - 3 movies a year, so this is not a budget buster for us! I'm still excited over our DVR!

RacerX said...

@ Mrs M - Hmm..I would I know that you would like that movie. It is my middle daughter's fav. She went for her birthday! You'll love it!

@Sharon - Those are some good tips. To be fair the popcorn thing is getting easier to skip. I miss real butter! The fake stuff is OK at first, but when it is cooled of it tastes...of. Love the DVR and DVDs too.

sara l said...

I second the employee discount program. You usually have to wait 2 week before you can use them, but save significantly. Since my stepdad just retired I need to find a new source.

RacerX said...

Welcome Sara!

Great point on the employee deal...hmm got to make that the kids first jobs! (kidding!)

Welcome and thanks for commenting!

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