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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

$22,000 Cat!

Meet Timmy, the $22,000 Cat! OK, his name isn't Timmy, at least I don't know if it is Timmy. But if I bought a $22,000 Cat that's what I would call him...

Actually, that is a pretty boring name for a Cat that costs more then my last car. Heck I couldn't even ride Timmy to work. I think he is too small. Actually by pound he is REALLY expensive. You would think for $22,000 that he would grow big long teeth like the cats in 10,000BC and you could ride him.

Wait got it...I shall name him Lord Kitty von Timmy...that's better....

OK...what the heck am I talking about. Apparently a special cat breeder has come up with a special hybrid Cat that is so special that you can get it (if you are lucky) for the bargain price of $22,000. Yes I have typed that about 45 times now in this post as I still can't believe it.

This is exactly why some people Hate America. People around the world work for a dollar a day, and we have designer cats.

Then I started thinking...what are my $22,000 cats? My "must have" Broad band Internet? My "saw-sharpening" Golf? Whining that I didn't get upgraded on my recent flight?

Point is we are lucky to live in a country where our toughest decision is what to eat for lunch rather than IF we eat today.


Fiscal Musings said...

Nice conclusion drawn from a strange place. We need to be grateful for how good we have it at other times than just at Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Cath Lawson said...

22k for a bloody cat. That is ridiculous.

But what you say is true - we are so lucky that we are born in a safe place - and where we're born is down purely to luck.

RacerX said...

@Fiscal - Yeah...Weird post. It just hit me very wrong at first. Then I thought about that to many, my wants and desires would seem just as out of line.

@Cath - No for $22k the Cat is very clean :) $15K for a bloody cat :) - Your real point is very much mine as well. It is easy to consentrate on the horrible and miss the good going on as well.

Funny about Money said...

So true!

And look at it this way: if the economy REALLY goes ka-plooie, you can always eat the cat and have a very, very fancy lunch.

Oh, that was snarky, wasn't it...?

Sharon said...

I read an article about a girl who got sick when she was visiting from another country and went into a grocery store to see an entire aisle of food for dogs and cats! We truly are a wealthy nation!

Madame X said...

It is sort of a cute cat... and if the special breeding means it won't claw the furniture, maybe it could pay for itself after a while!

RacerX said...

@Funny - That's like some Bizzaro Brewster's Millions!

@Sharon - A friend of mine from Asia was in the US and experienced the samething...but thought it was food OF cat not FOR cat!

RacerX said...

@Madame X - It is a cute cat...$22k worth of cute...not so sure.

It should work in movies and paw print the money off to you!

Thanks all for visiting,


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