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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Just Seven More Shopping Days...

I saw that sign outside of the mall on the way home tonight. I guess for people that have never heard of Christmas, that may be helpful. If you are Jack Bauer from 24 and cannot see the little clock on the lower part of the screen it is also helpful. For most though it is a way to goad one more purchase out of you, or maybe even more.

By the way Black Friday (the day after US Thanksgiving) isn't called that due to the crush of people in a Black Plague sort of way. It is named as such as the day when retailer profits for the year turn to the Black (or positive).

Imagine that...a whole year of losses, then just 40-ish days to cover everything!

It isn't that the margins get better, it is that people who normally wouldn't think of shopping for Uncle Stu any other time, including his birthday, frantically search for the perfect gift for the person that they barely know or perhaps even don't like. It is actually rude not to! I have seen a lot of blogs talking about buying for in-laws that expect gifts even when the person is really trying to get their finances in order.

Not to say I haven't done the same thing!

Not this year though. By setting an exact amount to spend and using cash, it really came down to priorities for me and my wife...the kids. If that offends some people...Bah Humbug :)

However...I would be remiss if I didn't at least act gracious to anyone reading this. I am truly grateful that you take your time to read these entries, and I probably read yours! Thank you!

With that said I still need to get Uncle Stu a pipe cleaner organizer. Quickly, since there are only seven shopping days left...


Fecundity said...

Where does one find a pipe cleaner organizer these days? It weighs heavily on my mind...

RacerX said...

Exactly...Poor Uncle Stu :)

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