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Sunday, December 9, 2007

Found Money is the Best of All...

'Tis the Season I guess, but since Friday I have come across an extra $206!

First, I just recieved a gift card for $100 from work, normally most would be bummed at that for a Christmas bonus, but since I wasn't counting on it (my regular bonus is in Mar/April) I will take it smiling.

I addition in the mail I recieved two checks; one for $25 on a balance I had with my old doctor in SLC (we moved a year ago) and second an $81 refund on my State Taxes last year, since Oregon didn't use enough of the money and by law they can only keep so much overdraft (like that will ever happen again!).

So what will I do with my surprise funds? The gift card will allow me to get my wife something extra and the rest will go to debt snowball.

Every little bit helps!


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