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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

New York transfer to North Dakota Anyone...

I just passed a year in the new job.

In reality I really should say I returned to my old place of work. You see, I worked there six years ago in another function. It was a tough decision to make for me. I liked my previous job. It had a better title, better perks and a little bit better total pay package. I built the team from five to 14 and for the most part they were really good and I liked them all. The new gig isn't chopped liver either, just a change in trajectory.

So why leave?

This ties to a question that I wrote in http://www.myopenwallet.net/ in response to a Madame X question about living in New York. I twisted it a bit to ask the following:

(For New Yorkers or LA'ers, etc.) Everyone complains about the cost of living in New York or LA, but if you could make the exact same salary (not adjusted at all for cost of living, but dollar to dollar) would you live in Fargo, North Dakota?

The only response laughed me off the page (which I expected). But think for a moment, we are all budget mavens here, you would have 30-50% more disposable income, the day you get there. On top of it I believe there is still no State Income Tax!

This was posed to not mock North Dakota at all, I grew up in Nebraska and love the mid-west...as an adult, not so much as a pre-20 year old! It was really posed to make us think, how much of what we love, would we give up for financial gain.

My answer?

Pretty simple, I packed back up and returned to Oregon 'cause it was better for my family. And you can't put a price on that, can ya...


Anonymous said...

I always look at the cost of living as well as salary. You've got to look at the whole package. Just the income side of things doesn't tell the whole story. You need the expense side as well.

RacerX said...

Great point.

But if you could get 30-50% more for your money somewhere removed from where your life is now, would you do it?

About half of my friends would be ready to move! While the other half would take a pay cut to stay in the same area, close to family.

Most job take cost of living into account, but I thought as a concept it would be interesting to discuss.

wealthy_1 said...

I think it's wonderful that you moved back to Oregon for your family.

Happy holidays and thanks for reading my blog!

RacerX said...

Thanks for reading mine as well. Have a great holiday as well!

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