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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Moby Dick's Influence on Personal Finance

One of the things that I know about myself is that I tend to run at 110% percent and then get burnt out on something. It isn't enough to get my finances in shape, I have to do it right now. I can't enjoy blogging without writing 3-posts a day and 20+ comments. I can't eat a basket of shrimp at Sizzler's...It has to be a gluttony battle with my brother on baskets killed. Kind of an all or nothing sort of mentality.

This is not unlike Moby Dick...I know you think that I am nuts, but it is a story of someone that loses the forest for the trees. He can't just hunt whales, but has to go after the Godzilla of a whale that crushed his boat and ate his leg...maybe with Tarter Sauce just to be extra mean.

I often feel the same way. I know that I MUST do X, Y and/or Z, but against my better judgement I try to do all of them and end up not getting any of them.

This was drilled home as a child. "Be anything you want, just be the best at it." Now, I am not some Freudian who blames their parents for their failures on the absence of Twinkies in my take-to -school lunch, and on the surface it is a pretty benign comment. The kind all parents, including me when I am channeling my mother, bring to the next generation.

On the other hand I have achieve a little measure of success due to this as well. i wouldn't be where I am at career-wise if i didn't push. But it is the extreme version of this that can be damaging.

Reading the blathering above..."what is the point", may come to mind.

The point is that it is OK to push yourself in anything including personal finance...just don't sink your boat and get your leg bitten off!


Mrs. Micah said...

I like the moral. And I like my legs intact.

Since blogging is so stats driven (like marketing I guess), I think it lends itself particularly to competition. I never felt competitive about my admin assistant job or my library work (ok, except when my sister and I would have shelving races in high school). Those were more about being and doing what should be done.

I can't offer a solution however, since it feels like I check my stats every 10 minutes. ;)

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